With an open minded philosophy, we are prepared to consider any request that lies within our field of expertise.

The following are just a few of the many applications for which netting can be used:

  • Bird Barrier netting - To prevent birds from gaining access
  • Jungle Gym netting - Custom made nets for climbing frames/jungle gyms
  • Game Barrier netting - To prevent and restrict movement of wild game and animals
  • Fish Pond netting - To prevent fish from jumping out of ponds or prevent birds from taking the fish
  • Safety netting - To prevent injury to persons
  • Stadium Barrier netting - To prohibit access to sports fields
  • Multi-purpose netting - Designed for your specific requirements
  • Storm nets - For caravans & tents (6m x 5m), (6m x 6m), (7m x 6m)

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