Pool Nets

Our pool nets will secure your pool and protect your friends and family
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Our nets have been rigorously tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards. The nets are made from a from super strong high density polyethylene braid and has a breaking strain of approximately 150kg.

Each net is pre-shrunken so it will not stretch or shrink + the knots are heat-sealed to prevent them from slipping. The net is aesthetically pleasing because it does not cover or distract the beauty of a sparkling clean pool.
The anchor plates are almost flush and has no sharp points protruding so you will never stump your toes on it and it won't clog up with dirt either. 

Durable non-corrosive hooks are attached to the net which allows the pool user to slot them into the keyholes of the plates before tightening the tension cord. Our plates have a double key hole to make adjustments accordingly, taking out the hassle of fitting the safety net.


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